Sleep well - even on your trip.

Do you think the beds are too hard in the tourist hotels?
Do you want to wake up without aches and stiff joints after sleeping in a hard hotel bed?
With the Travelmattress, which is used as a bed mattress, you sleep well all night. You can adjust the mattress yourself to how soft and supple you want it to be.

Heard from customers

"Was in Thailand for 14 days with my mattress, it worked great and was comfortable to lie on. My husband who didn't have one with him and tested mine will buy one for the next trip."

"It worked perfectly for me. It took a few nights before I learned how much air suited me best, but then I slept well."

“Finally something that works against these rock hard beds.

"It worked perfectly for me. It took a few nights before I learned how much air suited me best, but then I slept well."

"I can recommend this mattress it works on these hard beds that are in Spain and you feel more rested when you are not tossing and turning all night because the bed is hard and it was not that big to pack in your suitcase."

"I thought it would be warm to lie on but it was like lying on a normal mattress but softer even for me lying on my side"


The mattress, which is inflatable with two air zones that wrap around each other, means that the air does not just settle around the edges when you lie on it, but is distributed in a pleasant way. It provides good support in the lower back when you lie on your back and when you lie on your side so that the shoulder and hip can sink down so that the spine rests as straight as possible.
The travel mattress can be adjusted according to your needs without it breaking through despite its low height.

Bed dimensions: width 87 cm, length 195 cm, thickness 8 cm (pack size 30x20x3 cm, weight 1.6 kg) is delivered with a hand pump and a cover is included.
14-day right of return, 2-year warranty.

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Sweden           990 Skr incl. Shipping

Norway/Åland Skr 990 incl. Shipping excl. VAT and duty approx. NOK 195 (Total approx. NOK 1190/ 103 Euro)

Denmark        SEK 990 incl. Shipping SEK 634 incl. Shipping

Euro country        990 Skr incl. Shipping 85 Euro incl. Shipping

Switzerland   990 Skr incl. Shipping excl. VAT and duty (Total approx. 100 CFH)

USA                  1990 Skr incl Shipping $183 incl Shipping

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  • Sleep well even on your trip
  • Low weight
  • Easy to pack
  • Can be adapted to your own needs
  • Air pump and cover included
  • 14 day right of return
  • Durable 2 year warranty
  • Pillow included while stocks last, nice to have in the sun lounger, the beach or as an extra pillow in bed

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